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Stéphane Auder : Ornament Maker, Bocé, France


Stéphane Auder, a traditional craft business founded in 1996, manufacturing roof ornaments in Maine-et-Loire, France

Using quality expertise to manufacture according to traditional methods

We make various forms of ornaments for installation on roofs; metal spun or stamped in zinc, copper or lead :

  • Bull’s eye windows in zinc or copper
  • Dormer windows
  • Finials
  • Weathervanes

We reproduce identical copies of ornaments deteriorated by age, and design new creations.

The craft of the ornament maker can be separated into four parts

  • 1 - The scale drawing of the ornament
  • 2 - The manufacture of the mould for the stamping of the ornament
  • 3 - The shaping of the metal by stretching and shrinking
  • 4 - The metal is spun on a metal spinning lathe, used also as a wood turning lathe for reproductions

We work with roofing and zinc companies worldwide for the installation our creations.

Whether you are an individual, a roofer, an architect or a group

We can answer all your enquiries. Our estimates are free simply on request, with a photo for the reproduction of existing ornaments.

The label of "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living heritage business) was awarded to SARL Auder in October 2007 by the Minister for Traditional Craftsmanship in recognition of expertise.

With a great know-how, you will be satisfied with our work

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 08h-12h and 14h-18h